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  • Membership is required in order to utilize the VHDF testing system which is the most comprehensive and detailed of any system in North America.  The test results provide valuable information to hunters, breeders, and trainers and is useful for improving genetics and future offspring. Visit our Field Evaluation Results to see the performance data we collect.
  • All members will have complete access to our searchable online database.
  • Memberships can be renewed annually or we offer a Life Member option.
  • Your membership dues fund dozens of volunteer programs such as judge development, affiliate club development, article archives, database development, database population, apprentice judge training, as well as facilitating the entire VHDF testing program.
  • Dues help pay for insurance.  All VHDF tests in the United States are insured by our general liability policy.
  • Memberships help spread the cost of judging and testing evenly across the U.S. and Canada.  All member clubs pay a set fee for a sanctioned VHDF test no matter where they are located or what it costs to get judges to their location.
  • Membership enables contact and exchange of knowledge with hundreds of other experienced hunters, trainers, and breeders.  Many of our members are more than willing to share their knowledge and are often seen helping less experienced handlers before and after hunt tests. 
  • Membership in VHDF is an opportunity to increase your general knowledge of training, hunting, and breeding of versatile dogs at an advanced rate.   
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