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How to Become an Affiliate Club

  1. File with the VHDF Parent Club to become an Affiliate Club
  2. Any existing club or group interested in promoting and participating in VHDF activities may become an affiliate club.
  3. If you are forming a new club, read this article on How to Start a Not for Profit Club.
  4. Once you have held an organizational meeting, elected officers, and drafted a set of by-laws, sign up on our membership page as an Affiliate Club
  5. The Director of Promotions will present your request to the VHDF officers and directors for approval. Once a favorable decision is made, your club will be formally notified that it is eligible to apply to hold VHDF sanctioned tests. You will also receive an invoice for the annual affiliation fee.
  6. The $150 annual affiliation fee covers the insurance for your tests and helps cover the costs of our web-based platform.
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