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The Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Club of America was established in 1951.  In 2006, the Pudelpointer Club of North America celebrated 50 years of pudelpointers.  In 2007, the Large Munsterlander Club of North America celebrated its 30th Anniversary. Other breeders and breed clubs have similarly proud traditions. The Versatile Hunting Dog Federation applauds the tremendous dedication shown by participating breeders and the ‘institutional capital’ created in various dog clubs.

Unlike gadgets, dogs are living creatures and collectively as a breed have a past, a present and a future.  Many individual breeders have demonstrated great judgment and successes in their breeding programs.  However, without the coordinating role of breed clubs, these efforts sadly are ‘flashes in a pan’ when viewed over time.

The Versatile Hunting Dog Federation views dog breeds as a flame that needs to be nurtured and kept alive. The Federation's primary purpose is to support serious breeders and breed clubs by sharing information and expertise, and by providing field and conformation evaluations in addition to that already provided by breed clubs. We envision no ‘wheel in need of reinventing’ but rather significant gains through collaboration and economies of scale.  Some examples of breed clubs include:

German Shorthaired Pointer Club of North America

German Wirehair Alliance

German Wirehaired Pointer Club of North America

German Longhair Pointer Club of North America

Large Munsterlander Association of Canada

Large Munsterlander Association of America

North American PudelPointer Alliance

Pudelpointer Club of North America

Cesky Fousek North America

Wisconsin Italian Spinone Club

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